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Sum of two numbers is 95.If one exceeds the other number by 15, find the numbers.

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Hint- Suppose two variables in place of two numbers.
Let the first number be x and the second number be y.
It is been given that the sum of two numbers is 95, so mathematically
We can write it as $x + y = 95$…. (1)
Now the second condition given is that one number exceeds the other number by 15, this mathematically means that
$y = x + 15$………………….. (2)
Substituting equation 2 in equation 1 we get
$x + x + 15 = 95$
On further solving we get
$2x = 95 - 15 = 80$
Hence $x = 40$which is our first number.
Now putting x in equation 2
$y = 40 + 15 = 55$
Thus the required two numbers are 40, 55.
Note- Whenever we need to solve such problems the key concept is simply to assume the two required numbers as two variables , then use the questions conditions to solve for x and y, this will give you the right answer.