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State whether true or false-
Vibrations of the ear drum produces sensations of sound in the ears.
A. True
B. False

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint:To answer the given question, one must first know what is a sound. Sound is a wave or disturbance produced in a medium that propagates in all the possible directions. The most important part in the ‘ear’ which enables us to conceive sound is the eardrum.

Complete answer:
The above given statement is true. That is, vibrations of the ear drum produces sensations of sound waves in the ear. The eardrum perceives the vibrations from sound waves originating from a source, and vibrates itself. These vibrations are transmitted further to the middle ear bones and then to the inner ear.

Hence, option A is correct.

Additional information:
Let us understand how sound is produced.
As mentioned in the hint, sound is disturbance of the particles produced in the medium. This means that when we disturb the particles of a medium, sound waves are produced. The sound waves propagate in all the possible directions, from the point of origin (point of disturbance).

Since sound is wave, it can travel through different mediums. Hence, when a sound is produced by a source near us, the sound waves from the source travel through the medium of air and enter our ears. Here, they strike the eardrum, due to which it vibrates and we feel the sensation of the sound.

Note: In ear, the eardrum plays an extremely important role in perception and sensation of sound waves from the environment.Sound requires a medium of particles to propagate. If there are no particles in a region, then the sound waves will not propagate in that region. This is why sound does not travel through vacuum.