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State the cause of apparent motion of the sun from east to west.

Last updated date: 21st Jun 2024
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Hint: Earth rotates and as well as revolves around the sun also. Earth is the only one that revolves, not the sun. Think of it the way you sit on a chair and take a spin, the wall movement says it all.

Complete step-by-step answer:
It is called an apparent motion because it is not what we see, the sun usually doesn’t move from east to west, instead, we are the ones who revolve around the sun. our planet earth both spins on its axis and orbits around the sun. These two motions together describe the sun’s apparent motion. The motion of the earth isn’t that steady and we cannot depend on the sun’s apparent motion all the time. It may lead to problems like we don’t get noon at the exact time every day.
If we consider an example where we sit on a chair and have a spin, the movement of the objects around is the sun. if we look deeper, the objects in the room don't move, instead, you are the one having a spin. The same is with the sun. the earth rotates counterclockwise around the sun.

Note: Earth rotates on its axis in an anticlockwise direction and revolves around the sun in the same direction. We can’t see the earth spinning because it is too small for human perception, just like we can’t see the minute hand move in our wristwatch. Even, sniper shooters will take the earth’s rotation into account during some long-range attacks.