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State economic benefits of rivers and lakes.

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint: Economic benefits are the benefits generated in terms of money. The business decisions, policy decisions, and market analysis measure the economic benefits. The lakes are still bodies of water whereas in a river water flows.

Complete Answer:
When mankind started the settlement process, the preferred areas near water bodies as water is considered essential for survival. These settlements over a period of time developed into big cities. In a country like India, where the majority of the population have livelihood depended upon agriculture, regard the river as an essential source. Tourism is essential for any country. Lakes and rivers develop tourism and can be used for recreational purposes. The economic benefits of rivers and lakes are :
1. Source of freshwater: There is only 2.5 percent of the earth’s water which is freshwater and out of which less than 1 percent is accessible. Freshwater is essential for the survival of mankind. This is the home for nearly a third of aquatic animals which helps to develop fisheries which lead to the generation of employment and security of food.
2. Irrigation: Irrigation is essential for agricultural activities. In the economy of India, agriculture is regarded as the backbone of India in which the majority of the population is engaged in agricultural activities.
3. Navigation: Navigation through water bodies to connect to different places has been used for centuries. This is regarded as a cheap way of transportation.
4. Hydro power generation: This is used to generate mechanical energy into electrical energy. Flowing water is generated into mechanical energy. It is regarded as a cheap and clean energy source.
5. Development of tourism: water resources are used to develop attractive resources. For the economy of any country, tourism is essential. In the dryland areas where water is closely linked it plays an important role in the tourism industry.

Note: Water being a natural resource it is essential for the survival of mankind and other aquatic plants and animals. For irrigation purposes, navigation, and Hydropower generation it is considered important. Tourism and recreation play a fundamental role in the economic benefit of lakes and rivers.