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Sources can be classified into _____ groups.
A) One
B) Two
C) Three
 D) Four

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Hint: Sources are historical evidence that is used to study the past. There are two kinds of researchers who study the past; historians and archaeologists.

Complete answer:
We learn about the history of the world from various evidence that is found in ancient sites. This evidence that provides us with knowledge about the past is called sources. Sources can be classified into two groups. They are;
- Literary Sources
- Archaeological Sources

Literary sources are the written records that are found through excavations or in archives. These records explain the essence of the ancient culture, social, economic, political and religious activities. These sources include journals, letters, books. Some famous literary sources are the Vedic Books, Pali and Sanskrit Prakrit literature.

The Archaeological sources are physical artefacts, buildings, monuments, art and craft, pottery, tools, jewellery, etc. that are found from ancient sites through excavations. These sources help us understand even older periods of time when writing and language was not yet invented. In other words, they are the sole sources for the prehistoric world.

Thus, the correct answer is Option (B) Two.

- These two sources of history have given rise to two kinds of researchers in history. They are historians and archaeologists.
- Historians are researchers who use literary sources as their primary evidence of history. Thus, they are the ones who study the recorded history; i.e. history after the invention of writing and languages.
- Archaeologists are researchers who use archaeological sources as their primary evidence and hence they can study recorded history as well as prehistory; i.e. when writing and language were not invented.