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Solve the following equation and find the value of $p$:


Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Hint: At first find out which one is the variable in the given equation.
Get the variable alone on one side and everything else on the other side by using inverse operations.

Complete step by step solution:
Let us first take the given equation which we have to solve:
Now see, here $p$ is the only unknown term we have.
So, $p$ is variable. We have to find out the value of $p$ .
To find out the value of $p$ , we have to keep $p$ alone on the left and side of the equation and
everything else on the right side using inverse operations.
Now look at the equation very carefully. We have $10p$ on the left hand side of the equation.
10 is the coefficient of $p$ . A coefficient is a numerical or constant quantity placed before the variable
in multiplication form. That means $p$ is multiplied by 10.
So to make our variable free from the constant we have to apply inverse operation.
We know that the inverse operation of multiplication is division.
Since, $p$ is multiplied by 10, we have to divide the left hand side by 10.

Now, we can’t divide the left side only by 10. We have to divide both the sides by 10.
As, if two expressions are equal to each other and we divide both the sides by the same number, the
equation remains the same.
Now let’s divide both side of the equation by 10:
& 10p=100 \\
& \Rightarrow \dfrac{10p}{10}=\dfrac{100}{10} \\
& \Rightarrow p=10 \\
Therefore, the value of $p$ is 10.

Note: Always apply the same operation on both sides. If you apply any operation only on one side, the meaning of the equation will change.