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Soil erosion is caused by
A) Windscreen alone
B) Restricted human activity
C) Checking movement of animals
D) Good plant cover

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Hint: We have to remember that soil erosion is the process in which occurs naturally. It is removing soil from the top surface in a field which is carried away by wind or water. Usually we can say that there is soil which is displaced from the surface of the field. This action can be done naturally by air, soil, wind, animals, humans and many more things.

Complete answer:
There are many causes of soil erosion:
Agriculture is the main cause of soil erosion. As when new plants are grown on the field the land is ploughed to sow the seeds thus the soil can be eroded easily. The particles on soil are eroded by wind. With the direction of wind fine particles flow away causing soil erosion. Animals also move on the land during the growing of new plants thus seeds or vegetation land can be eaten up by animals causing soil erosion. Human activity like construction of buildings on land is a major cause that erodes the soil. Sometimes when a river flows nearby any land some soil is carried away by the movement of the river.
Option A) this option is correct as explained above about the wind activity during empty land.
Option B) this option is incorrect.
Option C) this option is incorrect.
Option D) If you grow more and more plants on any land thus it makes the soil of the land less affected thus soil can be safe from erosion.

We have to know that soil erosion can be prevented by restricted human activity on any field or land, by checking on the movement of animals on a particular land which need to be cultivated. A good plant cover is a good prevention of soil erosion.