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Soil can be conserved in a best on the hill by which of the cultivating methods?
A. Strip cropping
B. Crop rotation
C. Contour ploughing
D. Terracing

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: It is the cultivating practice of furrowing and additionally planting over a slant following its rise contour lines. These contour lines make a water break which decreases the development of rivulets and ravines during seasons of substantial precipitation, permitting more opportunity for the water to sink into the dirt.

Complete step-by-step solution:
Contour bunding or contour farming or Contour furrowing In contour plowing, the grooves made by the furrow run opposite instead of corresponding to the inclines, for the most part bringing about wrinkles that bend around the land and are level. This technique is likewise known as tillage erosion. Tillage erosion is the soil development and erosion tilling by plowing a given plot of land. A comparable practice is contour bunding where stones are put around the contours of inclines. Contour furrowing assists with decreasing soil erosion. Soil erosion avoidance practices, for example, can radically diminish negative impacts related to erosion, for example, decreased harvest profitability, declined water quality, lower compelling store water levels, flooding, and natural surroundings annihilation. Contour cultivating is viewed as a functioning type of maintainable agribusiness. The Phoenicians initially built up the act of contour cultivating and spread it all through the Mediterranean. Be that as it may, the Romans favored development in straight wrinkles and this training got standard. The Soil Conservation Service worked with state governments and colleges to set up agribusiness projects, for example, the University of Nebraska to elevate the strategy to ranchers. By 1938, the presentation of new rural strategies, for example, contour furrowing had diminished the deficiency of soil by 65% notwithstanding the continuation of the dry season. Exhibitions demonstrated that contour cultivating, under ideal conditions, will expand yields of line crops by up to half, with increments of somewhere in the range of 5 and $10\% $ being normal. Critically, the strategy additionally fundamentally diminishes soil Erosion, manure misfortune, and by and large, makes cultivating less energy and assets serious under most conditions. Lessening manure misfortune spares the rancher time and cash, however, it likewise diminishes the danger of hurting provincial freshwater frameworks. Soil Erosion caused by hefty downpour can support the advancement of rivulets and crevasses which help abundance supplements into freshwater frameworks through the cycle of eutrophication.

Thus, option (C) is correct.

Note: Contour Ploughing is likewise advanced in nations with comparable precipitation examples to the United States, for example, western Canada and Australia.