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How do you simplify \[17-\text{ }\text{ }6\text{ }\times \text{ }10\div 2\text{ }+\text{ }12\]?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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 PEMDAS rule gives the order of operators in the calculation of a mathematical problem. The full form of each initial is P= Parenthesis (brackets); E= Exponents;
M= Multiply; D= Divide; A= Addition; S= Subtraction. We solve inside the brackets, then do exponents, multiply and divide before going for addition and subtraction.

Complete step by step answer:
According to the given mathematical problem, we have to simplify\[17-\text{ }\text{ }6\text{ }\times \text{ }10\div 2\text{ }+\text{ }12\].
Let the answer be ‘y’.
So, according to the PEMDAS rule, first, we need to solve inside the parenthesis. Here, we don’t have parenthesis then we need to go for exponents. ‘y’ also doesn’t have exponents, so we go for the next step that is multiplication. Here, we have \[6\times 10\]which is simply 60. So, y becomes
\[\Rightarrow y=17-\dfrac{60}{2}+12\] (after multiplication)
In the next step, we have to do the division of respective terms then we get
\[\Rightarrow y=17-30+12\] (after dividing 60 by 2)
Now, we rearrange the terms to get all the positive ones on one side and all the negative ones on the other side. Then we get
\[\Rightarrow 17+12-30\] (on rearranging the terms)
In the next step, we have to add 17 and 12. Then we get
\[\Rightarrow \]\[2930\] (after addition)
At the last step, we do a subtraction of 30 from 29. Then we get
\[\Rightarrow \]\[-1\] (on subtraction)
Hence, \[-1\] is the simplified answer of \[17-\text{ }\text{ }6\text{ }\times \text{ }10\div 2\text{ }+\text{ }12\].

 One must clearly understand the PEMDAS rule before getting into the question. While doing division, if we get a terminating decimal number then we have to round it. If we get non-terminating non-repeating numbers on division we cannot proceed further.