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Silk fiber obtained from silk moth is a kind of ________

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: Silk is a natural protein fiber that can be woven into textiles in some forms. Silk is a protein fiber composed primarily of fibroin that is produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons.

Complete answer:
Silk was discovered in China around 3500 BC during the reign of Emperor Huang-ti. Because of its luster and fine quality, it was regarded as one of the most valuable fibers at the time. It was only used by the emperors at the time, and it was kept secret for hundreds of years. It was later traded around the world, and it spread throughout the world. The route used to take was referred to as the ‘Silk route’.
Silkworms of various species produce various types of silk. It can be distinguished by its luster and texture. Kosa, Tassar, and Mooga are a few examples. Silkmoths of various species produce them. The mulberry silk moth is one of the most common.
Silk fiber, which is obtained from insects such as the silkworm, is a natural protein. The main components of this fiber are fibroin and sericin. The silk is obtained by brushing the undamaged cocoon to find the filament at the outside end.

Since ancient times, several types of wild silk, produced by caterpillars other than the mulberry silkworm, have been known and spun in China, South Asia, and Europe, such as the production of Eri silk in Assam, India. However, the production scale was always much smaller than that of cultivated silks.