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Shimsha is a waterfall on ____ river.
A) Krishna
B) Cauvery
C) Tungabhadra
D) Bedthi

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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The word waterfall refers to an area where the water flows in a series of steep drops Shimsha waterfall is along the bank of Shimsha river which is a river flowing in the state of Karnataka in the southern part of India.. A natural flowing watercourse is called a river. Rivers are usually freshwater flowing towards a sea, ocean lake, or another river.

Complete Answer:
The main source of water in Karnataka is the rivers flowing in the state of Karnataka. The rivers flowing in Karnataka can be categorized into two groups called east flowing river and west flowing river. The east flowing rivers include the Cauvery, the Krishna, the Pennar and the Palar rivers which further join to the bay of Bengal in the east. The Sharavathi, the Gangavali (Bedthi), the Netravati and many more are included in the west flowing rivers which joins to the Arabian sea in the west coast of India. Shimsha river is one of the tributaries of the river Cauvery flowing in the state of Karnataka. the Shimsha river flows in a south-eastern direction in the district of Mandya. Shimsha waterfall is located in Shimshapura in the Malavalli taluk. Therefore, Shimsha is a waterfall on Cauvery river.

So, option B is the correct option.

Many waterfalls are formed by river Krishna and its tributaries. The popular waterfalls formed by the river Krishna are Gokak waterfalls, Kalhati falls, Theertham waterfalls and Manikyadhara falls. Hampi waterfalls is the most popular waterfall formed by the river Tungabhadra. A popular waterfall in the North Canara district in the taluk Yellapur is the Magod falls.