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Select the correctly spelled word:
a. scrutinise
b. scrutinize
c. scruitinise
d. None of the above

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The given word means to examine something carefully. It is the verb of the word “scrutiny”. “Scrutiny” is a noun. Many words can be written either with a “s” or “z”. If it is British English, “s” is used, if it is American English, “z” is used. Indians follow British English.

Complete answer:
(a) scrutinise- This word ends with “ise” which is the correct way to write if you are using British english. Since Indian english mainly follows the British way of writing English, we use “ise” as well. Thus, this is the correct option.
I had to scrutinise the paper submitted to me since it was important for my graduation.
(b) scrutinize- The Americans use “ize” when they write such words. This answer is not wrong but Indians usually follow the “ise” system while writing English.
(c) scruitinise- The usage of the extra “i” between the letters “u” and “t” makes the spelling wrong. Since it is very inconspicuous, look at every spelling carefully. It is the wrong spelling.
(d) None of the above- This option does not apply since one or more options out of options a, b and c are correct.
Option (a) is the correct answer.

 Both options a and b are correct but since we have to choose one, always go with the version used in India. Since we follow British English, we have to choose words ending in “ise” and not “ize”.