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When seen in green light, the saffron and green portions of our National Flag will appear to be:
A. Black
B. Black and green respectively
C. Green
D. Green and yellow respectively

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: This question is based on the concept of spectrum of light, which involves behavior of different colors to different shades of light falling on them. Some colors absorb some particular shades of light while others reflect it.

Complete answer:
When we see something that doesn't emit light, we're seeing light that hits the target and then reflects back to us. Anything would appear green if we shine green light on it. The only exception is if the light we're using is a mixture of wavelengths that appears green but contains other colors.

If we use a light that is mainly green but still contains some yellow and blue, when we shine it on a green, white, and yellow flag, the yellow part will show yellow more strongly than the green or blue portions, making the flag look comparatively yellow. Saffron light, according to spectrum theory, can absorb all green light that strikes it.As a result, it will appear black. The green portion will simply represent the green light that has been directed at it. As a result, it will appear green.

So, the correct option is B.

Note:Aside from the color of the available light, a yellow/orange bar on the flag may represent multiple colors because it may contain multiple pigments or the pigments themselves may reflect multiple colors. It can tend to be different hues depending on the specific colors shone on it.