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What is the salary of the Governor?
A. 2,00,000 per month
B. 3,50,000 per month
C. 1,50,000 per month
D. 1,10,000 per month

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The salary of the Governor is charged from the Consolidated Fund of the State. In addition, he is entitled to emoluments, allowance and privileges. He also gets the facility of free official residence, free travels, medical facilities etc.

Complete Answer: The Governor has similar powers and functions at the state level as that of the President. The real power lies in the hands of the Chief Minister of the state and his Council of ministers whereas the Governor acts as the nominal head. He is not an elected body. The Governor enjoys different types of powers such as executive power, legislative power and discretionary powers.
The Governor enjoys different types of power – executive powers related to administration, appointments and removals; legislative powers related to lawmaking and the state legislature, i.e., Vidhan Sabha or Vidhan Parishad; and discretionary powers.
The Governor can be terminated earlier by
-The dismissal by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister, at whose pleasure the Governor holds office
-Resignation by the Governor
There is no provision of impeachment for the Governor, as it happens for the President.
An executive action of the State is often taken in the name of the Governor. At present, in terms of salary, the President gets INR 5 lakh per month, the Vice-president INR 4 lakhs and the Governor of a state INR 3.5 lakhs per month.
Hence, the correct answer is option (B).

Note: Each state has its own Governor and has to act according to the recommendation of the Council of Ministers. Also, the same person can be appointed as a Governor to one or more States under the Seventh Amendment Act of 1956.