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$S{ O }_{ 2 }$ pollution causes
B)Destruction of cell wall
C)Destruction of Golgi bodies
D)Destruction of chlorophyll

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Sulfur dioxide is a major air pollutant. The process of photosynthesis is mainly affected by the increased concentration of Sulphur dioxide in the environment. It disturbs the biochemical response of the plant and also changes the color of leaf tissue.

Complete answer:
-Chlorophyll is the main reason for energy production in green plants. The amount of chlorophyll varies depending on the plant species and their amount is changed by environmental effects on plant metabolism.
-The destruction of chlorophyll is due to the increase in the Sulphur dioxide concentration which removes the phytol group of chlorophyll.
-High concentration of Sulphur dioxide causes the destruction of chlorophyll structure into pheophytin and replaces magnesium Ion by 2 hydrogen atoms.

Additional Information: -Plants are mainly sensitive to Sulphur dioxide and it affects directly indirectly to the plants.
-The intensity of sulfur dioxide leads to chronic or acute effects and also depends upon the amount of time they have exposed to sulfur dioxide.
-The stomatal opening is promoted by Sulphur dioxide which results in an excessive loss of water.
-Sulphur pollution reduces both the quantity and quality of plants.
-its impact is more severe when it is combined with other pollutants like chlorides, Ozone, and oxides of nitrogen.

So, the correct answer is, "destruction of chlorophyll".

Note: -Another indirect effect of $S{ O }_{ 2 }$ is in the form of acid rain which leeches out the nutrients from the soil and plant canopy. So, Sulphur dioxide is a major cause of the degradation of chlorophyll.
-Amount of Chlorophyll a and Chlorophyll b both get declined by increasing $S{ O }_{ 2 }$ concentration.
-$S{ O }_{ 2 }$ is directly released from pollution sources that contain sulfur, destroy chlorophyll and disrupt photosynthesis.