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Rashsundari Devi (1800 – 1890) was born in ____________.
A. West Bengal
B. Orissa
C. Uttar Pradesh
D. Bihar

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Rashsundari Devi was a housewife from the family of a wealthy landlord. It was assumed during her period that if a woman learned to read and write, she would give her husband bad luck and become a widow. But even after learning this, she taught herself, well after her marriage, how to read and write in secret.

Complete answer:
Option A) West Bengal: In 1810, in Pabna, Rashsundari Devi was born in West Bengal. She was most famous for her autobiography, called Amar Jiban, and was one of the first few autobiographical authors in Bengal.

Option B) Orissa: Ramadevi Choudhury was a freedom fighter and a social reformer born in Orissa.
She was called Maa by the people of Orissa.

Option C) Uttar Pradesh: Mangal Pandey, who was considered a hero of the Indian Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, was born in Uttar Pradesh, in Nagwa, a village of upper Ballia district.

Option D) Bihar: Jaglal Choudhary, a Dalit leader and politician from Bihar, India, was an Indian independence activist. He was also a reformer who promoted in Bihar the causes of women's rights, Dalit emancipation, education, and land reforms.

Therefore, the correct answer is A

In Bangla, Rashsundari Devi published her autobiography at the age of 60. The first known autobiography written by an Indian woman was her novel, ''Amar Jiban'' [My Life]. The Autobiography' Autobiography' Amar Jiban'' was published in 1876.