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Rajeev buys good worth \[6650\]. He gets a rebate of \[6\% \] on it. After getting the rebate, He pays sales tax \[10\% \] . Find the amount He will have to pay for the goods.
A) \[6876.10\]
B) \[6999.20\]
C) \[6654\]
D) \[7000\]

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Hint: Student must have known about the percentage. Firstly we calculate the rebate amount. Subtract the rebate amount from the cost price. Then calculate the sales tax and add the sales tax and the amount after rebate.

Formula used: Use the formula
Amount of rebate
\[ = \dfrac{{\operatorname{Re} baterate}}{{100}}\]

Complete step-by-step solution:
We have expression for amount of rebate
\[\cos tprice \times \dfrac{{\operatorname{Re} baterate}}{{100}}\]
Substituting the value cost price and rebate rate in the equation we get ,
Amount of rebate=
\[6650 \times \dfrac{6}{{100}}\]
\[6\]is divided by the \[100\] we get
\[6650 \times 0.06 = 399\]
So rebatable amount is equals to \[399\]
After the getting rebate amount cost price will be
\[6650 - 399 = 6251\]
After getting the rebate he pays sales tax \[10\% \]
So the amount of sales tax will be\[ = 6251 \times \dfrac{{10}}{{100}}\]
\[10\] is divided by \[100\] then we get
\[6251 \times 0.10 = 625.1\]
So that total amount pay for goods will be
\[6251 + 625.1 = 6876.10\]

Hence option A is the correct answer.

Note: Percentage means a relative value indicating hundred parts of any quantity. Rebate is a term used in short selling securities that a trader does not own. In order to sell a stock that it owns, the trader must borrow the stock in order to deliver it to the buyer.
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