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Questionnaire on Consumer Awareness amongst households in the area

Last updated date: 01st Mar 2024
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IVSAT 2024
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Questionnaire on consumer awareness

General Questions:-

1). Full Name - 

2). Full Address - 

3). Mobile / Telephone no.-

4).Total members in the family-

5). Total Family Income-

6). Age Group of the consumer (pick tick) - [15-18] [18-25] [25-35] [35+]

Product name / Brand Name (Awareness Related Questions) 

1. Do you examine the expiry date the food items and medicines when you buy them?

Ans. a) Yes b) No

2. Have you ever cross checked the weights of the products mentioned on the item?

Ans. a) Yes b) No

3. Do you check the prices, of goods you buy, from alternative sources? 

Ans. a) Yes b) No

4. Do you check the M.R.P. (Maximum Retail Prices) before buying the products?

Ans. a) Yes b) No

5. You prefer offline buying over online buying most because

Ans. a) Product Experience b) Personalised attention and recommendation c) Easy returns 

6. Have you ever come across adulteration in any of the food stuff? 

Ans. a) Yes b) No

7. If yes, to whom did you complain:-

Ans. a) Shopkeeper b) Main supplier c) Internet consumer forum

        d) Elsewhere (please specify)

8. Was your complaint to the supplier/shopkeeper attended by him to your satisfaction?

Ans. a) Yes b) No

9. Are you aware of consumer courts that works for consumers grievances?

Ans. a) Yes b) No

10. If yes, have you ever filed a case in the consumer court? 

Ans. a) Yes b) No

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