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Punctuate the following-
A. Where are you going he asked
B. Jesus christ was fearless having a strong will power
C. There was a man named raman who asked as a manager in one of the insurance companies.
D. There was a farmer his name was charan das he had four sons Ramesh Deepak jagatravi
E. The wolf asked the lamb why are you making my water muddy

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Hint:To decide on appropriate punctuation, we have to understand the nature of the sentence. Is it a command, a request, an order, or a question. A question mark is used at the end of an interrogative sentence. A comma is used to separate two independent clauses.

Complete answer:
Punctuation is an important part of any language. They indicate where sentences start and end, separate phrases from each other and denote where strong feelings are expressed amongst many other functions. There are different types of punctuation marks like full stop, comma, colon, semicolon, exclamation mark, etc. all these punctuation marks have their own specific functions. Omitting these marks can cause great confusion and disorientation.
We have to select the answer which has proper capitalization since punctuations include proper capitalization of words. All proper nouns are to be capitalized. The commas shall be in places that require a small pause while reading the sentence out loud.

Based on rules mentioned above the correct answers are-
“Where are you going? “, he asked.
Jesus Christ was fearless, having a strong will power.
There was a man named Raman who worked as a manager in one of the insurance companies.
There was a man named Charan Das he had four sons Ramesh, Deepak and Jagatravi.
The wolf asked the lamb why are you making my water muddy?

Note:Every sentence ends with a punctuation mark. Any sentence without a punctuation mark is a wrong sentence. Following the rules of punctuation makes your subject matter concise, accurate, and credible.