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Prepare a paragraph with the appropriate title to be used for the counter-view section on the following topic in about 120 words-
‘Should SMS language be allowed in exams?’
You can take the help of the following points included in the view section:

Yes, It's the revolution against the written word.
It's a growing linguistic revolution.
It sharpens students' ability to think about the construction and precision of words.
Students will use numerals, punctuation marks, and symbols to convey messages.
It's an art form.

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Hint: A counter-view section is written to express opposing or contrasting views in comparison to the view-section. We need to write contrasting views on the topic ‘should SMS Language be allowed in exams?’

Complete answer:
 Let’s write a counter-view section with the help of the given view-section.
The Destruction of English- SMS Language
SMS Language not only creates misunderstanding among readers but it also reduces the clarity of words and sentences. Those who use SMS Language tend to make grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Hence, hindering the rise of the English language. SMS Language does not sharpen the students’ ability but it limits the use of vocabulary and appropriate grammar. The use of symbols, numerals, and punctuation marks can be confusing to many people and also destroy the essence of natural words. SMS Language is not an art form but a way to tear down the use of the English language. Therefore, SMS Language should not be allowed in exams.

It is important to keep in mind that the title of the paragraph should match the context of the topic that has been described in the passage.