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Prepare a paragraph to be used for the counter view- section of the following topic-
“Junior college students should be allowed to carry their mobile handsets to college”
You can take the help of the following points in the view-section.

Mobile Hand-sets are Essential Today
Technology has become part and parcel of life.
Parents can trace the whereabouts of their children.
Helpful to find out the portion covered during their absence.
Helpful to communicate during crises.

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Hint: A counter view- section provides contrasting or varying opinions in comparison to the given topic or view-section.

Complete answer:
As given in the hint, the counter view and the view section is a form of debate that is used to express the opinions of different people.
Now, let’s prepare a counter view- section on the given topic-
Junior college students should not be allowed to carry their mobile handsets to college because mobile handsets are not essential in the classroom and study environment. Even though technology has become an integral part of our lives, it is also occupying our time and mind. Everyone is integrated into their phones, without understanding the calamities of the physical world. It’s not necessary for parents to trace the whereabouts of their children in college as it wasn’t necessary for schools. A student can use their mobile handset in free time or outside the college and inform their parents about their whereabouts. If you have missed a class, you can ask your friends or teacher to clarify the doubts rather than using the phone in college. Even though phones can be helpful to communicate during crises, they can distract and reduce concentration levels of students. Many students use their mobiles to play games and to distract the entire class. Hence, junior college students should not be allowed to carry their mobile handsets to college.

Keep in mind, you need to carefully read and understand the given view-section to form its counter view- section without any mistakes. You can also add extra points that are relevant to the topic.