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Poor Conductors are known as ___

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Hint: Different materials are destined to have different electrical properties. It is dependent on the particular material, or area or the ability of letting the free electrons flow which is in direct relation to the electronic configuration of atomic orbits.

Complete answer:
As we know from the chemistry of atoms, different materials will have different electronic configurations. These electronic configurations differ with the atomic numbers. They are distributed in different orbits named K, L, M, N respectively.
Last shell in which these electrons will go is the valence shell which will assign chemicals as well as the physical properties we need in this question. Current is basically the phenomenon of flow of electrons through the materials.
The easy flow to difficulty in flow of electrons assigns the different use in electrical components. These are categorized based on this as
Good Conductors: They will have more free electrons in their valence shell so the flow of electrons will be easy. Mostly metals are the examples of good conductors.
Semiconductors have four electrons in the valence shell their properties change with respect to the temperature.
Poor conductors do not leave their electrons easily and are not the conductors.
And the poor conductors are also known as Insulators.

Note: Graphite is non-metal but can transfer electricity. It is because of the hexagonal layered structure of graphite which allows it to do so. Silicon is generally and widely used in almost all fields of electronics technology. Copper is mostly used in electrical wires due to its property of conducting electricity and it is cheaper than gold(best conductor).

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