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Please Give an Essay on Adverse Effects of Education

Last updated date: 28th Feb 2024
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The moral impact Education exacerbates the level of moral values of a child. He instils a form of competitiveness that borders on unhealthy relationships. From the moment they are admitted to school, children are anchored in an attitude that personal achievements are everything. They are taught that brands and trophies are all you need to lead a successful life. The how and the why are not so important, just catch up on what - that's what a child is taught. And that's what he grows when he learns. Society has sunk too deep into this mud to get out now - it's a custom, a tradition to teach our children to come to class and not less. It does not create a healthy adult, but a competitive animal of our grandchildren.

Social Responsibility Education kills our sense of empathy. If you are an Indian pedestrian and you are crushed by a car, it will not be the owner of the car who will rush to help you. It will not be the manager of this restaurant in the Haute or the award-winning secretary of "Mills and sons" who saw you being crushed by the glass doors - no. It would be the local tea vendor, the rickshaw driver, and the security guards who lacked educational qualifications to hold high positions that would rush to help you. It is not the fault of the rich and well educated that they are incapable of empathy, but it is the fault of education. Modern education systems teach children to think for themselves - and only on themselves! 

Lack of wisdom  

The Modern education system involves turning a pile of waste into a small mind. He expects a student to complete huge portions and that's what students do - but in a wrong way. Rote's memory is emphasized rather than creative. This is one of the saddest aspects of modern society - we have knowledge but no wisdom to use it.         

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