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Place commas correctly and write the numerals.
Twenty-three lakh thirty thousand ten.

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Hint: A numeral system is a system for expressing numbers; using digits or other symbols in a consistent manner. With figures of four or more digits, we use commas. According to Indian system the first comma is placed after the hundreds place. Then commas are placed after every two digits.

According to Indian system
 3 zeroes are thousand
 5 zeroes are lakh
 7 zeroes are crore
 Twenty-three lakh, thirty thousand, ten can be written in number form as
  23,30,010{\text{ }} \\
  {\text{ 23,00,000}} \\
  {\text{ }} + {\text{ 30,000}} \\
  {\text{ }} + {\text{ 010}} \\
  {\text{ ___________________}} \\
  {\text{ 23,30,010}} \\
  {\text{ }} \\
Here we have placed commas before thousands and lakhs by counting 3 zeroes and 5 zeroes from the left i.e. from decimal respectively.
Thus, if we place in Twenty-three lakh thirty thousand ten, we get the numeral \[23,30,010\].

Note: The International number system is another kind of numeral system (or system of numeration) in which the first comma is placed after the hundreds place and then commas are placed after every three digits.
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