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Pitch of sound is determined by its
A. Frequency
B. Amplitude
C. Speed
D. Loudness

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Hint: Pitch means the highness or the lowness of the sound. This property of sound is useful in distinguishing a shrill sound from a grave one.

Complete Answer:
- Sound is produced as a result of vibrations. Our ear recognises these vibrations which are further communicated to the brain. These vibrations produce various frequencies. Based on this frequency, the quality of sound is judged whether it is loud or not.
- Pitch can be defined as the property of sound that allows the identification of sound on the basis of frequency. Pitch can only be determined in the sounds in which the frequency is stable. This distinguishes it from noise. Pitch is quantified as frequency. Frequency can be defined as the number of waves that pass through a fixed point in unit time.

(I) Amplitude- It is the maximum displacement or distance moved by a point on a vibrating body or wave from the equilibrium position.
(II) Speed – Speed is defined as the distance travelled by a body in unit time.
(III) Loudness- Loudness refers to the quality of sound that determines the intensity of the auditory sensation produced.

The correct answer is (A). Pitch of sound is determined by its frequency.

Note: The pitch increases with the increase in frequency and decreases with the decrease in frequency. The sound whose frequency is not stable is not suitable for our ears. It can cause severe headache or even hearing loss.