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What is the physical state of water at -20°C?
A . Solid
B. Liquid
C. Gas
D. None of the above

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Hint: The solid state of water is ice as the liquid form of water is water and in gaseous form is vapor. These conversion forms are visible to everyone in day to day life. Hence the state of water at a temperature of -20° c is ice.

Complete step by step solution:
> Water’s physical state at various temperatures like at 0°c: It would be ice in the form of solid at 0°c. It is the freezing point of water everyone knows.
Similarly, at 25° c it would be water which is used for drinking, washing all would be this water and in liquid form.
> For example if you place an ice tray full of water in the freezer for a few hours , that water would be changed to ice which is the solid form of water.
Similarly at 100°c, it would exist in gaseous form. It would be called vapor. The water will start to evaporate at this high temperature.
For example: When you keep water in the gas and boil it. It would become vapors after some time and they would be coming out of the pan or vessel kept over gas.

Note: The physical state of water changes at various temperatures like at 0°c – it would be ice and at 100°c, it would be vapors and at 25° c it would be water.