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How many people speak French and Dutch in the capital city of Brussels?
A. 80 percent Dutch, 20 percent French
B. 80 percent French, 20 percent Dutch
C. 90 percent French, 10 percent Dutch
D. None of these

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint:Brussels is the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium. Belgium is a country situated in the Western Europe and is considered the 6th most densely populated country in Europe. Belgium is regarded as the 22nd populated country in the World.

Complete answer:
Brussels is known to be the richest region in Belgium in relation to GDP per capita. The word Brussels is derived from an Old Dutch language which means ‘home in the marsh’. It is a place hosting a variety of religions and according to a report in 2016, there are approximately 40% Catholics, 30% were non-religious, 23% were Muslims, 3% were Protestants and 4% were of another religion.
The country Belgium was found in the year 1830 when Brussels was transformed into a multilingual city where earlier Dutch speaking people lived and now there is a mixture of French and Dutch language. French is the language spoken by 80 percent of the population in Brussels and consider it to be their first language. Dutch is spoken by the rest 20 percent of the population but there are sometimes other languages such as English and German are also spoken. But, French and Dutch are the two major languages used.

Therefore, Option B, is the correct answer.

Note:Belgium is surrounded by Netherlands in the North, Germany in the East, Luxembourg in the Southeast and France in the South.
Brussels is considered to be the Centre of Commerce industry in Belgium.
The headquarters of European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO is located in Brussels, Belgium.