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Part of the earth covered by water is about:
A. 71%
B. 50%
C. 92%
D. 87%

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint: Water is the ultimate necessity of the existing life on Earth. Amongst the great amount of water on earth, there is a little amount which is fit to use. The water makes life possible by supporting all the creatures and organisms. Earth supports both aquatic and terrestrial living systems.

Complete answer:
The water is made of hydrogen and oxygen molecules. These molecules are essential for the existence of other gases in the atmosphere. Oxygen is used for breathing whereas hydrogen combines with other molecules to form new gases.
The earth has land and water. The land supports the living biome on earth by providing space to grow and prosper.
The water covering almost most of the earth’s surface gives shelter to aquatic life and helps living organisms in each possible way.
The area covered by water is almost 71%, making almost 3/4 of the total earth surface. Amongst this 71%, only 3% is fresh water and the rest is salty water.
Salty water is not fit to use. Thus we are left with only a small amount of water that is available for our daily lives.
The rest 29% area island which is almost covered by forests. They will help in maintaining the water cycle in the ecosystem.

So the answer is option A: 71%.

Note: Water occurs in 3 forms in our biosphere. Solid being the ice and glaciers. Water in oceans and sea is in liquid form while the water vapor has water in gaseous form. The hydrological cycle prevailing in our ecosystem is very important to maintain. Deprived amounts of water can lead to water scarcity.