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What is the necessity of clothes?
A. Lack of clothes as a basic need
B. Desire for clothes
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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> Cloth is any item which is worn by the people on the body.
> Cloth is also known as apparel or attire.
> It varies from gender, body type, society and geographic conditions.

Complete answer:
Option A – Lack of clothes as a basic need is the most important factor for wearing cloth. It is mainly derived from animal skin, leather or thin sheets of material combined together and made into a piece of cloth. It is a basic element of human life as it provides protection from any insects, thorns, toxic materials and injury. It acts as a barrier during the cold and hot weather conditions and also the ultraviolet radiations from the atmosphere. So, it is the most appropriate answer.

Option B - Desire for clothes arises when the basic needs are fulfilled. It stands at second in the hierarchy because it is simply wanting more when there is already some but necessity arises when there is nothing at all. So, it is not the correct answer.

Option C cannot be the correct answer because one option is false.

Option D is an invalid option.

Therefore, the correct answer is A

The attire of each region varies according to the geographical and social conditions as well and some of the examples are:

> Rajasthan: Here people prefer to wear ‘Ghagra-Choli’ due to their cultural norms and traditions.
> Assam: The most prominent cloth here is ‘Mekhla Chadar’ which wraps around the body and acts as a protector due to cool weather conditions.
> Varanasi: The significant clothing style followed is ‘Banarasi Silk Saree’ representing their culture and traditions.