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Name two processes responsible for the formation of clouds.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Think about the composition of clouds and how they are formed. Consider the processes that may contribute to the formation of the components of clouds.
Complete step by step answer:
First, let us take a look at what clouds are and how they are formed.
Clouds are a congregation of extremely tiny droplets of water and ice crystals. They are so light that they float in air and thus can remain in the sky. These tiny droplets are a part of the water cycle and undergo precipitation (rainfall), evaporation (formation of droplets), and congregation (gathering of droplets to form clouds) time and again to keep the ecosystems alive.
There are processes due to which water from the earth reaches the sky to form clouds, this water is mainly obtained from the oceans and the trees in forests. The water in the oceans is evaporated due to the harsh heat of the sun, it rises up and congregates to form clouds. This is one of the processes involved in the formation of clouds. The second process involved is the one that gets water from trees and plants to the sky. This process is called transpiration. The internal osmotic pressure, the opening of the stomatal cells (cells through which water droplets escape into the air), along with the sun's heat together leads to the loss of water from plants. This water vapour travels upwards, mixes with the evaporated water and forms clouds.
Thus, the two processes involved in the formation of clouds are evaporation and transpiration.
Note: Remember that congregation is just the gathering of small droplets together into a mass that can be called a cloud. Evaporation and transpiration are the processes that allow the constituent materials of clouds i.e. water vapour to be made.