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Name the major emitted pollution by vehicles.

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: Pollution is the contamination of any substance in excess than required such that it causes many diseases, discomforts and other issues to humans, animals and plants. The substances that cause pollution are called pollutants. They disturb nature and may also cause many natural calamities and change in weather cycles.

Complete Answer:
Pollution is of many types.
Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, Noise pollution are common today.
Air Pollution: If the pollutant makes the air non breathable or not healthy, then the substance is called air pollutant and air pollution occurs. The major gases involved in air pollution are CO, NO, and Carbon Dioxide.
Air pollution causes a variety of health diseases in humans and animals. It also causes acid rains that kill the plant life.
The major pollutants emitted by vehicles are Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Oxides.
Carbon monoxide gets absorbed by the haemoglobin more than carbon dioxide or oxygen. Hence it can cause health issues. It causes headache and blurry vision but in severe conditions, it may lead to death.
Nitrogen Oxide causes acid rains and health problems in the plants. It causes necrotic spots on the leaves. The yield of the crop is also reduced.

To reduce the pollution emitted by the vehicles, we can take some measures like maintaining the condition of vehicles properly, using unleaded petrol , placing catalytic converters to reduce the emission of gases that are poisonous, Making the use of own vehicles to travel less and try to travel using the public transport.