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Name the important trees which grow in the mountains.

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Hint: Mountain forests cover about 900 million hectares of the world’s land surface. These forests constitute 20 percent of the world’s forest cover. They are hotspots of biodiversity and also provide important environmental services.

Complete answer: Mountain forests exist on each mainland (aside from Antarctica) and in each climatic zone. Mountain forests cover huge extents of (for instance) the Alps, Pyrenees and Balkan and Carpathian mountain ranges in Europe, the Appalachian and Rocky mountain ranges in North America, the Australian Alps, the Guiana Highlands in South America, the mountains in Central Africa, and the Andes Mountain Range in South and Central America. Mountain woodlands make up 33% of all regular backwoods cover around the world. They're found on all mainlands except for the Antarctic. They develop past an elevation of 500 meters. The trees have adjusted to the cool atmosphere, weighty storms and extraordinary daylight.
At a stature between 1500 to 2500 meters, most trees are cone-like fit as a fiddle and are known as coniferous trees, and chir, pine and deodar are the most well-known coniferous trees. Evergreen trees, for example, cedars, pines, and tidy trees are basic to mountain locales. These trees like the chilly atmosphere, which is the reason numerous Christmas nurseries are situated in mountain locales. Another evergreen bush found in the mountains is the juniper plant

Note: Close to 19.26% of all our Indian regions are covered with forests. These forests can be ordered in five significant gatherings in particular: Clammy tropical backwoods, Dry tropical woodland, Montane calm woodland, Montane subtropical backwoods, Snow capped woodland.
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