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Name the crop that is associated with the term “fine plucking” and “coarse plucking”

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: Plucking is the first step in the tea manufacturing process and refers to the picking of the tea plant by hand. When the tea bush "flushes" or pushes out new leaf shoots, the plucking process begins. The pluckers will take the first two leaves and one fresh bud for a good black or green tea.

Complete answer:
Plucking is the first step that is done in tea plantations; it refers to harvesting of plants by hand; plucking occurs when the tea flushes clutches or pushes out new shoots.

Plucking is an extremely labour-intensive process; the tea puckers take the first two leaves and New bud which is called Aahoi khila. The standards of plucking influence the quality of the end product in cost of manufacture. There are basically Three Types of plucking these are known as plucking standards.

It includes fine, medium and coarse plucking.
1. In fine plucking only shoot with two leaves a bud is allowed.
2. If the plucked harvested shoots consist of three leaves it is considered as medium plucking
3. whereas coarse looking implies the removal of shoots with more than three leaves it may include damaged leaves.
These plucking are observed in Tea plantations.

Note: Fine plucking gives a very low yield as only three shoots are collected or breaking of smaller shoots makes it very costly and it does not make business. It is also labour intensive.
Coarse plucking is usually avoided as it includes damaged leaves.
Medium plucking is cost and labour efficient both.