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Name 5 Social Workers of India

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Vinoba Bhave 

Vinoba Bhave was an Indian social reformer who advocated non-violence and human rights. On top of that, he had led many popular movements like Bhoodan Movement. According to the information available, he was the spiritual successor of Mohandas Gandhi because of the act that Vinoba Bhave closely followed his ideals.                 

Contribution: Vinoba Bhave played an important role in Indian Freedom Struggle and was closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi for all social reforms. His major contribution came from the Bhoodan movement in 1951 when he began giving land to the poor so that they could farm the land and make a living.  


Baba Amte 

The next on our list is Baba Amte and he was known to help many poor people. On top of that, he has a popular lawyer who has fought many battles against British rule. Baba Amte was born in December 1914 and died in February 2008 due to natural causes. He has received numerous awards in his life for his contribution to society.             

Contribution: Baba Amte was involved in the struggle for freedom in India and played a major role in the Quit India movement. He received a name of Abhay Sadhak which means Intrepid Seeker of Truth. Apart from that, he has also helped India in the fight against discrimination against people suffering from leprosy.     


Jyotiba Phule 

Jyotiba Phule is another popular social reformer in our list and his work revolves around anti-caste campaigns. He is also known as Mahatma Phule and formed a group called Society of Seekers of Truth. The members of this group fought against society to ensure equal rights for every person.           

Contribution: Jyotiba Phule has always pleaded for equal rights for every man and therefore fought against social ills such as untouchability . In addition to that, he also worked for the remarriage of widows. Apart from that, Jyotiba provided a place of birth for widows and finally, he also established an orphanage to reduce the rate of infanticide.  

Medha Patkar 

Medha Patkar is a social activist based in Mumbai, who has been recognized for her key role in Narmada Bachao Andolan . She practiced continuous fasting, to oppose at an increase in the height of the Narmada Dam.  

Contribution: Medha Patkar has been associated with many movements that have certainly changed the course of Indian history. She was involved with Narmada Bachao Andolan and Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan . On top of that, she was one of the key people for the protest against Tata Motors by creating a factory in Singur . Medha also fought against land grabbing in West Bengal. Apart from that, she has contributed to society in many other ways.     

Anna Hazare 

Anna Hazare has become a leader among social reformers in the country, with her contribution in the fight against corruption in the country. He is also known for his service to humanity and works for the improvement of the condition of the poor and rural people of India.     

Contribution: Anna Hazare played a major role in the creation of the Grain Bank and the elimination of untouchability in her village. In addition to this, he also called for the fight against corruption, the right to information technology, the movement of the draft law Lokpal and the electoral reform movement.  

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