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Murrah, Mehsana, and jafarabadi are the breeds of
A. Buffalo
B. Cow
C. Goat
D. Horse

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: For meeting the milk requirements of our increasing population, we depend on different methods. Murrah, mehsana, and Jaffarabadi are the cattle varieties. We depend on them for milk. Of these, murrah is one of the most efficient milk and butter fat producers.

Complete answer:
Indian is considered as home to some of the best buffalo breeds, and there are about ten indigenous standard buffalo breeds, which are well known for their milking qualities. Murrah, Mehsana, Nili ravi, Bhadawari, Jaffarbadi, Surti etc are some of them.
Murrah is the most important breed of buffaloes. They have usually jet black color with white markings on the tail and face and extremities sometimes found. A tightly curved horn is the important character of this breed. Their body has massive size; head and neck are comparatively long. Head of females is fine, clear cut and short. Hips are broader and fore and hind quarters are drooping. In India, this breed is one of the most efficient milk and butter fat producers. Butter fat content is seven percent. The average lactation yield varies from 1500-2500 kg, and the average milk yield is 6.8 kg per day. Age at first calving is 45 to 50 months and 450-500 days are the inter calving period.
Mehsana buffaloes are evolved by crossing Surti and Murrah breeds of buffaloes. Their horns are generally less curved than Murrah and sickle shaped and curve more upward than the Surti buffaloes. Most of them are black in color; a few animals are brown or black brown. Eyes are very prominent, bright and black bulging from their sockets with folds of the skin on upper lids. Along with breeding regularity, the breed has good lactation persistency. Milk yield ranges between 598 to 3597 kilograms/lactation with 5.2 to 9.5 percentage fat. The average milk yield is 1988 Kg with an average milk fat is 6.83 %.
Jaffarabadi are massive buffaloes found in their pure form in Gir forests. The neck and head are massive. The forehead is wide and very prominent, with a slight depression in the middle. Their horns are inclined to droop at each side of the neck, and are heavy, but less tightly curved than in Murrah. They are usually black in color. The average milk yield of this breed is 100 to 1200 kg. These are mostly maintained by traditional breeders called Maldharis, who are nomads. The bullocks are heavy and are used for carting and ploughing.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note: Buffaloes also known as Bubalus bubalis, belong to the subfamily bovinae, family bovidae, species arni or the wild Indian buffalo and genus bubalis . They are classified into swamp and river types. The domesticated buffaloes at present are the descendants of Bos arni which are found in North-Eastern parts of India especially in Assam and its surrounding areas.