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Mettur Project has been constructed on which of the following rivers?
a: Godavari
b: Kaveri
c: Krishna
d: Mahanadi

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: Mettur Dam project forms stanley reservoir. It is constructed in the State of Tamil Nadu. This dam is the largest dam in south Indian.

Complete Step by Step answer: Mettur is famous for its very large dam, chemical manufacturing, aluminium production and power generation. Mettur Dam provides most of the water for irrigation in Tamil Nadu. This dam is also one of the primary sources of electricity in the state of Tamil Nadu. The thermal power station of Mettur serves as a base load power plant for Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. Mettur Project has been constructed on the Kaveri river in Tamil Nadu. This dam was constructed in 1934. It was completed in nine years. The maximum height of thi dam is 214 feet and the maximum width is 171 feet. It can store water at a maximum of 120 feet height. This dam receives its water from Kabini Dam and Krishna Raja Sagara Dam. Both these dams are located in Karnataka. Two hydroelectric power stations are situated in Mettur Dam. The first power station was constructed during colonial rule and the second one was constructed during the Indian Republic. Ellis park is located at the base of the Mettur Dam.

Option b is the correct answer to the question because the Mettur Project has been constructed on the Kaveri river.

Note: The meaning of Mettur is that the town has crests and thoughts. It got its name from the tabular rocky nature of the land which makes the town an ideal place for the dam in Kaveri river.