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Meristem is located in which of the following region
a) Apical
b) Intercalary
c) Lateral
d) All of the above

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Hint: Meristematic tissues are cells or groups of cells that have the ability to divide. A parent cell undergoes a mitotic cell division to form new cells.

Complete Answer:
1. Based on origin
(I) Primary meristem: it is present from the embryonic stage and remains active throughout the lifespan of the plants.
Example: Apical meristem, intercalary meristem and intrafascicular cambium
(II) Secondary meristem: it originates from the primary permanent tissue by the process of differentiation and is responsible for secondary growth.
Example: cork cambium

2. Based on location
(I) Apical meristem: they are present at the growing tips of the stem and root. Their activity increases the length of the plant parts.
(II) Intercalary meristem: it is situated at the base of internodes and at the base of the leaves. Their activity results in elongation of the intermodal regions and formation of branches at the nodal region.
(III) Lateral meristem: it is situated along the sides of the stem and root, parallel to the axis of the plant body.

3. Based on differentiation
(I) Protoderm: differentiates into epidermis and its derivatives.
(II) Ground meristem: gives rise to the ground tissues like cortex, endodermis, pericycle and pith.
(III) Procambium: gives rise to vascular tissues like xylem and phloem.

Hence the right answer is (d) All of the above.

Note: The main function of these tissues is to help in the growth of a plant and to repair the worn out parts of a plant. Completely developed meristematic tissues that are after losing their ability to divide, form permanent tissue.