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Mention two advantages and one disadvantage of waterways.

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Hint: Water refers to the very basic need of humans without which they cannot live. Water is one of an essential natural resource after air without which living organisms cannot survive for a longer period. But everything has its pros and cons if not used suitably.

Complete answer: Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Transport are as follows:
1.Modest: The vehicle channel is very modest as looked at rail and street Transport. Upkeep cost in rail and street transport is very high yet the support cost of water transport is very less. Hefty and massive products can be moved effectively at little expense through water transport.
2.Valuable During Natural Calamities: During common disasters like flood and rains, when rail and street transport is disturbed, help activities can be worked through water transport. Improvement of transportation is fundamental for the safeguard of the nation too. It is additionally called the second line of guard. Water transport assumes a significant function in unfamiliar exchange. India’s unfamiliar exchange is primarily subject to water transport.
1.Slow Speed: It is a moderate method for transport. The disappointment of storms results in a fall in the water level of waterways making the route troublesome. Water transport is more dangerous when contrasted with different methods on the grounds that there is consistently a threat of sinking boats or boats.

Note: Water transport is really far more seasoned than rail. Its boss advantage is this, that it can move huge amounts of merchandise and material significant distances, economically, and it can serve any place there is water sufficiently profound to skim a vessel. It’s the main savvy approach to move generally material across seas, just as along common (streams) or counterfeit (channels) streams inside landmasses. The one genuine constraint it has is speed.
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