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Mention different types of spherical mirrors.

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: This question requires the knowledge of different types of mirrors, spherical mirrors in particular. Spherical mirrors are special types of mirrors different from plane mirrors. These are cut from a spherical surface and used for special purposes.

Complete answer:
A spherical mirror is one that is cut from a spherical surface and has the outline of a piece cut out of it. Concave and convex mirrors are the two forms of spherical mirrors.
Concave mirror
We know that a cut out of a reflective sphere is a spherical mirror. A concave mirror has the reflective surface bent inwards on one side. Concave mirrors are also used as shaving mirrors, dental mirrors, and also telescopes. The magnified mirrored picture has a narrow field of view. Converging mirrors are also known as concave mirrors.
Convex mirror
A convex mirror, on the other hand, has a reflective surface that curves outwards. Convex mirrors are widely used in automobile mirrors. The mirrored image shrinks in size as the focal length increases, but the field of view expands. For drivers, this is extremely beneficial since blind spots are greatly reduced. Convex mirrors are also known as diverging mirrors or fish eye mirrors. These mirrors bulge out, so can be identified easily.

Note: A simulated sphere is often reflected in a spherical mirror. Imagine a line going through the sphere's center and touching the reflecting surface. The principal axis is the name given to this line. The focus is the point on the principal axis where the rays meet after reflection from the mirror.