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Where was Maratha ditch dug?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Maratha Ditch was a three-mile long channel unearthed around Kolkata in the current Indian territory of West Bengal, in 1742, as a security against potential assaults by raiding Bargis, as the Marathas were known locally.

Complete answer:
The Kingdom of Nagpur was a realm in east-focal India established by the Gond leaders of Deogarh in the mid eighteenth century. It went under the standard of the Marathas of the Bhonsale line during the eighteenth century and turned out to be important for the Maratha Empire. After the Third Anglo-Maratha War, it turned into a regal condition of the British Empire in 1818, and was attached to British India in 1853 turning out to be Nagpur Province.
The Maratha attacks of Bengal, otherwise called the Maratha endeavors in Bengal, alludes to the incessant intrusions by the Maratha powers in the Bengal Subah, after their fruitful mission in the Carnatic area at the Battle of Trichinopoly.
The British of Kolkata used to fear the Bhonsles of Nagpur. So to shield the city of Kolkata from a potential Maratha assault, they borrowed a dump around the city. That jettison came to be known as the Maratha dump.
After the effective mission of Karnataka and the Trichinopoly, Raghuji got back from Karnataka. He attempted six endeavors into Bengal from 1741 to 1748. The resurgent Maratha Empire dispatched severe strikes against the prosperous Bengali state in the eighteenth century, which further added to the decay of the Nawabs of Bengal. During their attacks and control of Bihar and western Bengal up to the Hooghly River, Raghuji had the option to add-on Odisha to his realm for all time as he effectively misused the clamorous conditions winning in Bengal after the demise of its lead representative Murshid Quli Khan in 1727.
Continually bothered by the Bhonsles, Odisha, Bengal and parts of Bihar were financially destroyed. Alivardi Khan, the Nawab of Bengal made harmony with Raghuji in 1751 surrendering Cuttack (Odisha) up to the waterway Subarnarekha, and consenting to pay Rs. 1.2 million yearly as the Chauth for Bengal and Bihar.

Hence, the correct answer is option (c).

Note: Maratha Ditch was a three-mile long channel uncovered around Calcutta (presently known as Kolkata) in Bengal, India, in 1742, as an insurance against potential assaults by pillaging Bargis, as the Marathas were known locally. The Bargis, notwithstanding, never went to the city. Afterward, the dump ended up being futile when the Nawab of Bengal, Siraj ud-Daulah, came and scoured the British settlement in 1756.