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What were the major causes of the second Anglo Sikh war?
A. The Sikh Sardars were discontent with the British control over Punjab
B. The treatment of Rani jin dan by the British when she was removed from Lahore to shekhupura on charges of conspiracy against the British resident
C. The immediate cause for the English company's invasion of Punjab was the revolt of Mulraj, the governor of Multan
D. All of these

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Hint: Many wars were fought by the Britishers in India against the native rulers of these Indian states. These wars were commonly known as the anglo wars. The Anglo Sikh wars were fought between the Britishers and the Sikhs. The wars resulted in the establishment of British paramountcy over each area one after the other.

Complete answer: There were multiple causes behind the second Anglo Sikh War fought between the Sikhs and the Britishers. The immediate cause that triggered the invasion of Punjab by the English East India Company was the revolt undertaken by the governor of Multan named MulRaj. This gave Britishers an opportunity for which they were looking for for a long time. Apart from this, the Sikhs were also dissatisfied with the control of British company over the territory of Punjab and the Treaty of Lahore could not satisfy them. Rani Jindan was also treated unjustly by the Britishers and this also leads to discontent among the Sikh. Thus, this led to the second Anglo Sikh war in which the British power emerged as victorious.
Thus option D is the correct answer.

Note: The Sikh ruler Ranjit Singh was a friendly Alliance of the Britishers because of his strong military might and power. But soon after the demise of Ranjit Singh the Britishers started searching for an opportunity to annex Punjab into the territory of British India.