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Maize is grown during the month of __________ .
A. March to June
B. October to March
C. June to September
D. March to May

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Hint:Maize is a rainy season crop and thus it is a Kharif crop. Thus, it grows during the rainy season months in India. It is a cereal grain plant having a leafy stalk. It makes a significant portion of the staple diet in many parts of the world.

Complete answer:Maize is a widely cultivated cereal grain crop that is one of the major components of the staple diet in many countries. Maize is a cold-intolerant plant and thus it is planted in the spring season mostly in temperate zones. The maize plant depends on the soil moisture due to its shallow root system. Maize is also a drought-sensitive crop especially at the time of pollination. In the United States, it is grown at peak during July. Sufficient soil moisture is required for maize cultivation. Thus, maize is mainly grown in wet and hot climates. It is a Kharif crop and thus it grows best in the rainy season.
In India, the rainy season starts in the month of June and ends in the month of September. Thus, maize is grown from June to September in India. Maize is now also being grown in residential gardens. It is cultivated widely throughout the world. It is vulnerable to pests like Corn borers, Corn leaf aphid, Corn Silkfly, etc. Herbicides and pesticides are used to avoid unwanted weeds and pests respectively.

So, from the above discussion, we can conclude that option C) is the right answer.

Note: Maize is used widely to make cornstarch which is a common ingredient for many food products. Cornbread and various products are produced using cornstarch. Maize is a rich source of carbohydrates and vitamin B. magnesium and phosphorus are also obtained from maize.