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M. G. Ranade assisted in establishing __________ in 1867 in Bombay.
A. Prarthana Samaj
B. Arya Samaj
C. Brahmo Samaj
D. Ramkrishna Mission

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Hint: Mahadev Govind Ranade turned into an Indian scholar, social reformer, magistrate, and author. He turned into one of the founding contributors of the Indian National Congress party and owned numerous designations as a member of the Bombay legislative council, a member of the finance committee on the center, and magistrate of the Bombay High Court, Maharashtra.

Complete answer:
Prarthana Samaj, a Hindu reform society set up in Bombay within the\[1860s\]. In motive, it's far comparable to, however now no longer affiliated with, the greater full-size Brahmo Samaj and had its finest sphere of effect in and around India’s Mahārāshtra state. The purpose of the society is the promulgation of theistic worship and social reform, and its early desires have been a competition to the caste system, the advent of widow remarriage, the encouragement of women education, and the abolition of infant marriage.
The instant predecessor of the Prarthana Samaj in Bombay changed into the Paramahamsa Sabha, a mystery society fashioned in \[1849\]for discussion, the making a song of hymns, and the sharing of a communal meal organized through a low-caste cook. In \[1864\]Keshab Chunder Sen, founding father of the Bharatvarshiya Brahmo Samaj, visited Bombay, and the hobby he evoked there bore fruit numerous months later while the brand new affiliation changed into fashion. The Prarthana Samaj differed from its Calcutta counterpart through its extra reluctance to interrupt with orthodox Hindu tradition, and the Prarthana by no means required participants to surrender caste, idol worship, or the conventional spiritual sacraments.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note: Activities of the Prarthana Samaj encompass examine groups, the aid of missionaries, a journal, night time colleges for operating people, unfastened libraries, women’s and pupil associations, and an orphanage. Its participants have been instrumental within the company of different crucial social-reform actions that arose on the flip of the century, which includes the Depressed Classes.
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