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London smog is found in
(a)Summer during day time
(b)Summer during morning time
(c)Winter during morning time
(d)Winter during day time

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Hint: To answer this question you should have the knowledge of different smog. It is not the most common question that is asked. One type of smog is also there known as photochemical smog. It was also found at a particular time as that of London smog.

Complete answer:
London smog is found in winter during morning time. Therefore, option C is the correct option. London smog is also known as classical smog. It is mainly caused by the air pollution and air pollution is caused due to combustion of coal and emission of sulfur dioxide and dust also. Classical smog is mainly found in those areas where there is a presence of humid climate. This smog is formed by the mixture of smoke, fog, and sulfur dioxide. This smog also acts as a reducing agent in atmospheric pollution. Therefore, it is also known as reducing smog.
Hence the correct answer is option C.

Now we will talk about photochemical smog. Photochemical smog is found in dry and sunny areas of the world. The major components of the photochemical smog are hydrocarbons and nitrogen dioxide which are emitted by automobile industries and factories. These compounds when come in contact with sunlight become major components as mentioned in the above line. As this smog contains a high concentration of oxidizing agent, therefore, it is also known as oxidizing smog.