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List out any two uses of Neon.

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Hint: As neon is a noble gas, it cannot give different reactions in order to produce important compounds but it itself can behave in a way that it can be used for different purposes. Neon is a colorless gas but exhibits color when placed in an electric field.

Complete answer:
- Neon is a noble gas and noble gases are those gases which have complete octet in their valence shell. So , they have exceptional stability and they do not react with other compounds. Even though Neon gas is nonreactive, it has many applications. Two of its main uses are stated as under.

Uses of Neon gas:
1) Neon gas produces a bright reddish-orange light when put in an electric field. So, it is used in vacuum tubes, television tubes, and some indicators that operate at high voltages.
2) Liquified neon is commercially used as a cryogenic refrigerant means a substance which is able to generate very low temperatures.

Additional Information:
- Neon has an atomic number of 10. It has 10 protons and 10 electrons. The atomic weight of Neon is 20\[gmmo{l^{1 - }}\].
- Ground state electronic configuration of Neon is \[1{s^2}2{s^2}2{p^6}\]. Thus it has a complete octet.
- Neon is commercially extracted by fractional distillation of liquid air. Since it is the only way to produce Neon, it is more costly than Helium.

Remember that neon does not give any chemical reaction as it is a noble gas. Do not get confused between Helium, Neon, Xenon and Radon as they all are noble gases and have different properties and different applications.

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