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What is lake tapping? What are the benefits of lake tapping?

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint: It is an artificial method wherein we pierce a tunnel from the lowest of the lake by blasting dynamite explosives.

Complete answer:
A lake tapping involves excavating a tunnel at the lowest of the lake. Dynamites are planted there and they are blasted carefully. After the blast the water flows with extra pressure through the tunnel and the water is supposed to have sufficient pressure to run the turbines. After the tunnel has been dug the protecting resistant rock is blasted to permit water into the tunnel.
 It is important that the water may be used to provide electricity and this also increases flow of water which is then driven to the hydroelectricity power generation plant for increased current production at the similar time the water is utilized for other purposes like it can be used for the household purposes.
There are various reasons behind the lake tapping:
-It is done to purify the lake water
-It is done to limit the lake water
-It is done effectively to drain out the lake water
The benefits of lake tapping are the establishment of waterways for hydro-powers, for making drinking water available for irrigation purposes, for landing of oil and gas pipes from offshore fields.

Additional information: The first lake tapping was carried out by Koyna dam thirteen years ago. This process permits the lake water to flow down from the tunnel. This kind of lake tapping was first done in the Asian Continent. The Koyna project produces control and the lake tapping will help in giving valuable water to the Krishna Valley ventures.

Note: Lake tapping is done to truly drain out the lake water. Lake tapping is done for distinct reasons like in refining the lake water or to make the lake water decrease.