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What kind of retailing happens in a Kisan Mandi or a Kisan Market?
A. Itinerant retailing
B. Fixed shop retailing
C. Dynamic retailing
D. Static retailing

Last updated date: 15th Jun 2024
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> Retailing is defined as the sale of goods and services to consumers.
> Kisan Mandi is defined as the platform for the direct sale of fruits and vegetables to either the wholesaler or retailer.
> An online platform has also been started for the purpose of dealing with the agriculture market.

Complete answer:
Option A – Itinerant retailing is operated by those retailers who do not possess any fixed place of their business and pursue a mobbing shop from one place at one day to another place on another day. They sell the products to the consumer directly such as fruits, vegetables, milk, toiletries etc. in which there is a low requirement of capital. These retailers are also of great help to the customers due to their availability at doorsteps. Kisan Mandi is also a type of itinerant retail market where fruits and vegetables are sold. So, it is the appropriate answer.

Option B – Fixed Shop Retailing is operated by those retailers who possess a fixed business in the market and change their locations very rarely. They require a good amount of capital for infrastructure and inventory of the business due to which they are capable of providing a large variety of products. So, it is not the correct answer.

Option C – Dynamic retailing is associated with the increase and enhancement of retailers by serving various sections. So, it is not the correct answer.

Option D – Static retailing are those shops which are usually engaged in the sale of snacks and junk food in the public areas or most populated areas where there is regular availability of customers. So, it is also not the correct answer.

Therefore, the correct answer is A

Some of the prominent examples of itinerant retailers are:
> Peddlers and Hawkers
> Cheap Jacks
> Market Traders
> Street Traders