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What kind of government did West Germany form after World war II? How about Japan?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Germany was defeated in World War II. The country was divided into East and West Germany after the war ended. Germany lost many territories to Poland and the Soviet Union. There were around 8 million people who were displaced in Germany after the end of the war.

Complete answer: Germany had suffered heavy losses after the end of the second world war. The country was damaged both industrially and agriculturally. Western Germany formed the Federal Government composed of Parliamentary democracy, capitalist systems, labour unions and free churches.As per the Potsdam Conference, Germany would be converted into a pastoral and agricultural nation. Only light industry was to be allowed.The process of ‘denazification’ was undertaken by the USA which aimed at freeing all kinds of Nazi influences from Germany.
Japan was devastated after World war II. There was a severe shortage of food. The economy and infrastructure was shattered.The USA occupied Japan which ended in April, 1952.After the surrender of Japan several thousands of soldiers comitted suicide. A new constitution of Japan came into force in 1942. A new independent democractic state emerged which stripped the monarch of all his powers. Universal suffrage became a key symbol of Japan and human rights gained importance.

Note: Both Western Germany and Japan were allowed to become free nations with importance to democratic and human rights. The United Nations were created after the end of the Second World war which made sure that no other mass destructible war ever occured in history. The USA and Soviet Union emerged as the two major power blocs in the world which gave rise to the Cold war starting in 1947.