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Instead of subtracting 32570 from a number, If 23570 is subtracted. Then what can we say about the answer?
A. Increased by 900
B. Increased by 9000
C. Decreased by 900
D. Decreased by 9000

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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This is a very simple question. But still, it needs careful meaning of actual and performed mathematical operations. Also, more than and less than concept needs to be applied to get the correct answer. First, assume the number and do both operations of it. Further compare both results and hence have the correct answer.

Complete step by step solution:
Let us assume that the given number is $x$.
Since we know that $32570 > 23570$, means we are subtracting smaller values instead.
So, the result will be increased by some value.
Now, the subtraction of 32570 from $x$ will be less than the subtraction of 23570.
So, we get $(x − 32570) < ( x − 23570)$
Further, The difference between the numbers $= 32570−23570 = 9000$
It is clear that the difference between the numbers will be 9000.
So, we may say that, instead of subtracting the number 32570 from the given number, if number 23570 is subtracted, then the answer will be definitely increased by 9000.

The correct option will be C.

Simple arithmetic based questions using the numerical values of some term, is very popular for many competitive examinations as well. Also, to enhance the mathematical logical and computational skill practise of such questions is very important. The questions where the mistake in some calculations has happened, so proper observation and retrace work will help to get the correct solution easily. Sometimes solving such problems with assumed numbers may give the easy way for getting a solution even in a faster way.