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What inspiration do we get from Bolivia's popular struggle? Explain any three values that we can learn from it.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:Successful struggles in Bolivia by the people remind us that popular struggles are integral to the working of democracy. And we all know if we unite and stand with the truth no power can dominate us , also we can overcome every situation by unity.

Complete answer:
Bolivia ,a country in the west-central region of South America.It is a poor country where the government had sold the rights of supply of water to multinational companies.

That company immediately increased the price of water by four times. This led to a sudden protest from the people and ultimately it made the government to concede all the demands of the protesters. The success of the popular struggle by the people reminded us about the power of the people.

 From this Bolivia movement we get an inspiration, that unity of common men,can overcome all the big problems in our life. When institutions of the government are themselves involved, people have to solve the conflict.
Also we learn that collectiveness, power of common people and a role played by political organisations played an important aspect for a struggle.

From this Bolivia struggle we learned three values :
(i) democratic conflict resolve through mass mobilisation.
(ii) we should raise the voice against unjust policies
(iii) work hard as much as you can to achieve a collective goal.

Note:Before the Spanish conquests, Bolivia was a part of the Inca Empire.The movement in Bolivia involved claims on an elected,democratic government.The popular struggle in Bolivia was about only one specific policy.